Chalkley Calderwood
Transitory Sleep Portraits

During the daily commute, the subway car becomes an awkward extension of “home” as people doze either voluntarily or involuntarily. 

I have recently discovered that I can photograph total strangers at very close proximity, without notice, under the guise of “checking my iphone” The tightness of quarters in a crowded train car allows for portraits of unparalleled intimacy. Often the camera is as little as six or seven inches away from the subject without them having any idea that they are being photographed.*

It is my intention with this not-so-hidden-camera, to capture people in their most natural and revealing state; that of sleep or repose. The beauty and honesty resulting from the lack of self consciousness on the subject’s part, is the undergirding of this series of portraits.

*(This is legally permitted by the MTA)